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PiratesWeek 03/18/07

PW031807 DOWNLOAD 29 Mb
Low Bit rate file 12 Mb

Show went long this week, & Chipmunk free- Guaranteed!

A law firm representing various broadcasting giants has filed an objection to the Federal Communications Commissions granting of special temporary authority for Radio Goldfield to go on the air last summer. Read the full story here. FCC Fines one stop CB shop in Florida for selling non certified CB transceivers, a story from TWIAR. Also the FCC fines Elroy Simpson in Brooklyn New York for a pirate station on 102.6.
The FRN is down, so no postings to review. We do note stations on air per the FRW.
Off Air Recordings include the pirate stations of; Ernest T, KOSMOS , Pescadore Radio, Captain Ron, and All your Base.
FCC Now Posting Ham Enforcement On the Web from the TWIAR
We take a listen to Steve & Janice reminisce about the SWl Winterfest.
Two websites to check out: BLANDX and HFunderground.
The propagation Forecast from TWIAR.
Podsafe music from the artists: Jeff Mallon, KCentric, BeebleBrox, Andrew Pfaff, Jason Steele Ensemble, and Piergiorgio Lucidi.

Link to the fixed fest thoughts I put out last week that was corrupted.

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